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Gun Cleaning Routines


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For those who questioned the lead fowling, I've had a chance to put 100 Fiocchi TT1 28g fibres through the gun today. Started with a perfectly clean and shiny barrel and chamber.

First picture is post shooting but pre cleaning so fowling, soot and all sorts of **** present.


Second picture is after a few oil soaked pull throughs which will have taken the soot and other rubbish away leaving only the lead fowling in the form of the scaley looking debris that can be seen.


The barrels would otherwise be perfectly shiney and free from imperfections. The gun is a Beretta 686 White Onyx. When I have a chance to clean the fowling out I'll take a final picture but we can all picture what the inside of a clean barrel looks like.

Apart from learning how to take better close up pictures, any comments?

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1 minute ago, Poor Shot said:

any comments

I don't get that problem (Hull Comp X fibre of Hull Imperial Game fibre) in any of my guns, but I have not checked carefully before cleaning.  Today my gun fired approx 60 Hull Comp X fibre (30 per barrel) - and after a simple clean (loo paper to shift loose crud, Youngs 303, wait 15 mins - few strokes brass Payne Galwey brush, more loo paper until clean, was spotless.  Gun is an old sleeved hammer gun, but no pitting and good internal barrel finish.

As far as I know your Beretta has chromed barrels as well .......

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