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Firearms licensing in England and Wales - APCC survey


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10 hours ago, old'un said:

I have completed the survey but feel it is lacking in a number of questions and there is no opportunity to add your own words/comments.


The “reflect the public’s views” is wide open to the antis and anyone else who wishes to see shooting/gun ownership further restricted.

Could not agree more it's nearly an open invitation for the antis to fill Thier boots !!

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As far as i can see the survey is just a means for the powers that be to say "look we are doing what you asked for" instead of having to say we have done a proper investigation and it turns out that yes WE ****** up!

I think it is a waste of time and well just be a case of heads they win and tails we loose.

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On 01/10/2021 at 10:52, CharlieT said:

As a somewhat thick farmer not versed in such matters, I bow to your more educated knowledge.

However, as FELWG, shooting organisations and the shooting press have been beating the drum about statutory guidance for a couple of years I presumed most shooters would have known about it.

Just for interest..............

The Policing and Crime Act 2017 makes provision for the Home Secretary to issue statutory guidance to the police on their firearms licensing functions. The police will have a duty to have regard to the guidance when they exercise their firearms licensing functions. 

The police and crime act 2017 provision was referring to HOG2016 and we all know how well that went.

“have regard” but not legally bound to follow or comply with it.

A situation that is unlikely to change, unless the new HOG delivered all that the chief Constables want or it becomes primary law.




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On 30/09/2021 at 10:35, HantsRob said:

This should get forces aligned and maybe play from the same rulebook, for fairness and safety

Forces should already be aligned!! But the reason they are not is they make the rules up as they go, and guidelines are exactly what they say they are.. guidelines. The police messed up BIG time, and now want the public to tell them what to do ????

Look at how many times legal firearms are used in these types of crimes over the last ten year period compared to illegally held.. now tell us this is worth the webpage it's filled out on!

The police need to sort them selves out, not add yet more restrictions on 99% of legal cert holders.

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