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Cool little gadget. 223 to 22lr adapter

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 I carry my Remington Spartan 12g/223 when I walk the farm. I found a company in Alaska that makes adaptors. It sounded like a scam because you mail the money order and they mail you adapters. No CC or online ordering. But being only $24 I gave it a chance. I got the 223 to 22lr. So now I can shoot 22lr/223/12g in the same gun. At 25 yards CCI standard hits in the same hole as 223. I will stretch it out farther  this weekend when I go to the farm. But it’s well worth it if you carry a 223 bolt or single shot. I’m going to order the 22mag to 22lr, the 22-250 to 22lr, the 308 to 7.62x39. I will let you guys know how that goes. 




The company, http://mcaceak.com/adapters.html

Hear me out.  Get the 22/250 to 223, then 223 to 22mag, then 22mag to 22lr.  So you could fire many rounds out of you 22/250 😂 

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Those things are what caused the Brocock  self contained air cartridge to be banned 

I used to make them for rifle cartridge only but some one decided to do a short version in 38 version that fitted the Brocock revolver using a rimfire blank and a air gun projectile and the rest is history.


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