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Wildcat Evo


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I have recently brought a wildcat evo to use on my .243, as it moderator is modular it can be taken apart.

looking at the mod and with the reviews on YouTube it suggests that if you have another rifle with a different thread or caliber you simply buy another bridge unit and insert to use in the existing unit.

I have a .17 hmr which is 1/2” unf which I currently have a small moderator for but I’m keen to use the evo.

The question I have is what’s is the implications of buying a bridge and .17 insert, does this require a variation ?. Also as I already have a .17 moderator would I have to dispose / sell the one I have before I purchase the bits for the evo.

Thanks in advance



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In a nutshell no you can legally buy parts for your moderator and have them posted to you it’s only a complete moderator that you would need a variation for, give wildcat a phone lovely people to deal with and great service

i’m not sure how you would stand with your old moderator as technically when you put the new one together you would have two so I would double check on that

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Also bear in mind that there is a potential safety issue swapping mods between rimfire and centrefire. I don’t fully understand it and I am a bit sceptical of how real the danger is but the theory goes that unburnt powder from rimfire rounds in the mod may ignite when used with a centre fire. This will mean that you’ll have to clean your mod before swapping.

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