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Double Rifles: Does anyone use them?

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On 03/10/2021 at 19:04, Ultrastu said:

The above seems massively  complicated .and fraught  with the possibility of failure. 

Ie one barrel shoots where you want it to and the other totally off .

Rendering it pointless having 2 barrels .

Why not have one barrel and a magazine with multiple bullets .? 

I can see why they aren't popular. 

A double rife is regulated to shoot a set group at a set distance . They superior for moving game such as wild boar and are used like shotgun rather than  a rifle . You get a second shot instantly without loosing the target [that is if you do not have a self loading rifle ] . It is not a highly accurate target rife for long range shooting and are only usualy sighted up to 100 yards .A 2" group with 9x74R ammunition at 65 yards is more than adequate for Boar or Deer.

Whilst they are not popular in the UK , we dont have the game for them , they are very common on the continent and experienced shooters have been known to get a " left and a right "  running Boars . Try that with bolt gun .

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As above the double rifle is superb on driven big game, gives you two instant available shots and is easily reloaded from a couple hooked in the fingers or an elastic cartridge holder around the stock.  I have also used the one I had as a staic rifle out to around 140yrds and it proved more than able to do the job.  I only sold mine due to the unlikely possibility of me returning to Slovenia with the Covid problem for a number of years which proved true.  Also for travelling by air they obviously fold/take apart into a standard size shotgun case, much easier to transport through the airport.

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Back in 2018 I was fortunate to visit the factory of Perugini & Visini in Italy and got to handle a heavily engraved and extremely ornate, complete with gold leaf one of these:


I'm not a rifle shooter but have to say that it remains the most beautiful gun I have every held, exquisitely made and oh so heavy, presumably to absorb the recoil.

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