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Any insight into Air Arms decision the cease making the S200?

old man

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Yep, probably everyone is buying the more so called modern rifles. Happens in all situations where items are upgraded etc etc. The human race is gullible enough to fall into the trap.....however if some didn't there would be a lot of folk out of work.  My wife was complaining of all the womens clothes brochures coming through the door and I said, do you know how many people are employed printing those etc.  I'm just an old fogey and proud of it.  31 yr old Landie, 20 year old Jaguar, 77year old !!!! Tractor and a wife I have had for 58 years and they all work perfectly:good:   My AA S200 is a Mk2  purchased second hand and will still print touching groups and have no intention of selling it.

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Cz probably stopped making them and concentrated on rimfire/centerfire more. They are superbly accurate rifles (the barrels often get grafted onto others) but having no multishot or reg, they didn't keep up with modern rifles/times. That is what sells I suppose. Still like most 'old' stuff, those and falcons/rapids still punch holes the same size as modern stuff, In fact still out shooting a lot of them in that price bracket. I regret not buying the mk2 I tried years ago. 


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