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Canary grass.

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🙂Great cover, but horrendous to beat ( even for dogs ) if you don’t cut enough rides. 
First day on Partridges today and the grass was literally over head height! I’m six foot and if we hadn’t had flags and walkie talkies some of us may still be out there! 😀

Even worse when it’s rained all night and continued to do so until we started the last of four drives! 
Cut plenty of rides. 

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A few moons ago when set aside etc came in I drilled the required width around a 20 acre field between two drives with canary gras and it worked very well but  I ran round with our 4ft flail and cut zig zag rides in it all the way around. It seemed to work very well as any wandering birds just arrived in another drive and VV and it was easy for two beaters to tap in to whichever drive we happened to be doing that day.   Pretty good nesting cover as well as long as you keep predation under control.

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Last year it was that thick even the dogs were having trouble     The pheasants weren’t keen on it ..early this year I weedkilled multiple paths through ,just as it was starting to grow.  Looks really good this year

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On 10/10/2021 at 17:41, Walker570 said:

I was up at Slittingfleet yesterday and one of the best drives was from a patch of canary grass. Managed correctly it can work.

Without a doubt.  Superb stuff! Once a few rides have been cut through it, it will work well, just as in previous years. 

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At Slittingfleet again last Saturday and the Canary grass produced again and put a small covey of greys over me and I managed to plick the lead bird out at about 40yrds. It was one of those    ' I can go home now'    birds

It now resides in my freezer for consumption.    Managed right it obviously works.

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