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AA renewal ???.


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On 06/10/2021 at 15:33, harrycatcat1 said:

This 👆 ALL day!! 

£60/yr and you get a better, faster, local service, supporting local independent garages.

We've used it for +20 years and it's worked brilliantly every time.


I only stopped as I now have a Nationwide Flex Plus account which includes European Breakdown within the £13/mth (plus travel & phone insurance, free cash withdrawals worldwide etc) 

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On 07/10/2021 at 20:11, Jaymo said:

Maybe the OP has a landrover/Range Rover, in which case it’s a bargain to have a technician camped at the end of your drive 😂

Had my RR 4+ years now, had a battery go (replaced under warranty) and a suspension Air Compressor (just under £300 and fitted it myself) otherwise she hasn't missed a beat? And she's 17 years old, not a spec of rust, pulls like a train and is more comfortable then your favourite armchair. Had more breakdowns in my Skoda in under a year. Saying that, when the battery died over night, the car sat for 3 weeks as not one Auto Electrician (ignore it when their Ads say "all types repaired) would even contemplate looking at it.

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