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Waterproof coats


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I have a variety of waterproof coats that have been used several times, i have been hesitant to wash these as i am afraid of damaging them, they are now getting a bit wiffy, smells of wet dog etc. I will be tackling a hand wash of my shooting clothes and was wondering what detergents people use that doesnt damage the waterproof membrane in the clothes. 

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20 minutes ago, Bigbob said:

Just hang them on the washing line and hand wash with warm soapy water , Then you can decide how hard to rub if there spots of blood etc 

nail on the head......hand wash with fairy snowflakes or similar....treat them like a very expensive jumper......some of the coats can be machine washed on a gentle wash...but be careful of the washing powder........spin dry after rinsing hang out side on line

check the label as well.......

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33 minutes ago, Dave at kelton said:

If they really need a wash this but run the washing machine empty without detergent for a cycle to flush it through. If not just soak in water then hose down before drying.in some cases a run through the drier can help.

1 hour ago, Centrepin said:


& the destructions 



Wise words - used this stuff for years !

re a top up re water proofing the tins from aldi are top notch and a couple of quid ! Keep some in stock!

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