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HIK Micro 6mm thermal spotter reviews?


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Does anyone use the HIK 6mm thermal? It’s advertised as for airgun use in terms of range.

Has anyone used one and able to give a real world review of usability?

Have read all the reviews I can and it’s a real mixed bag. I’m not expecting it to perform like a Pulsar XM30, but does the performance make it a useful piece of kit for rats and rabbits with PCP airgun?

How would it perform for spotting foxs? I’m not expecting to be able to identify fox’s at range - but able to spot the heat source which could be confirmed via the NV? 

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I bought one earlier this year for shooting squirrels with both an airgun and a Mossberg .410.

I must admit that initially I was a little underwhelmed but it just takes a little time to tune into the image,  I am now a firm fan of it.

I use the white hot setting with hot spot identifier (little green cross that lands on the hottest item in the image) and the heat of the squirrel stands out clearly within the trees when the leaves have fallen.  I cannot make out a definitive outline but just a blob of heat, but that is fine for me as I am not working at great distances.  It doesn't work as well in hot or cold extremes so dull overcast days are ideal.

The unit was just over £400 and I am happy with it, I am sure the 9mm and 15mm models give a better picture but I cannot justify the cost of those for the type and amount of shooting that I do.  There are plenty of settings to mess around with, the battery life is really good and the picture doesn't constantly freeze as it recalibrates.

I would definitely buy the unit again as it has accounted for loads of squirrels that I would have missed as I stalked through the woods.

If you do buy one my tip is to take it to the park where the squirrels are tame and you can spend some time familiarising yourself with the image so you know what to look for when in the field.



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