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Callin TC FM ERN .....

Yorkshire Pudding

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A pint in middle England !


TC .... bout time we met up .... dad ??


FM .... lol i like the cut of your jib !


ERN .... You need to cut down on them cigars ! I know a fella that can help ye !


Pieman ..... crowd control .... seeing as your only 3'92 an weigh 56lbs !


K..W... We'll need ya for the true storys ... lmao


BTMS .... oh my god its that cold tea ... lmao ... an i did not walk into the door 3 times once i got home ! no it wor 4 ! lol !


HG ... To keep it right !


Sniper .... lol ... to buy the beer !



Any other bug*ers from the north that can drive me are welcome too !



all the best yis yp ;)

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