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Chokes for sale.


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Muller Invector DS 
U0. U1. U2. 
You can shoot just about everything from close up out to 40yards with these. 
Lightly used ( bought just before lockdown). 
£45 each. £120 for 3. 
Browning Invector DS

Mod & Improved Mod.

Barely used. Less than 50. 
£25 each. £45 the pair. 

Briley Optima. 

Lightly used. Less than 500 through. 

2x Cylinder. ( Great for Skeet)

£25 each. £45 the pair. 

Postage will be thrown in if you buy a complete lot of chokes. F6DA5D4D-9551-41FE-8097-5194B5685CED.jpeg.c789eb6a08f168d214ece1fca735bc6e.jpeg448A8B7A-3FD0-4B77-9941-FBB019C0FA26.jpeg.f9818f23b589dba1802c6a5572fe96e5.jpeg7F977213-8665-4F2A-8E6B-A96651BA3D01.jpeg.679072c07aca69e8ea8b2c53b79da401.jpeg


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