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Shotgun motor case

Mr grumpy

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2 hours ago, CaptC said:

Depends on the quality of your gun? A prestige gun deserves, if possible, a case by the same maker. If you are wanting a case for an average O/U the world's your oyster - hard plastic, leather, vinyl etc.

Scully is spot on - eBay often has the older Beretta cases which are quite stylish. Can't see any listed at the moment!

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I would not  class Guardian as junk ,they fill a area for people who cannot afford £3-400 or more, for a case  I have one of their heritage canvas flat cases paid £89 it does the job very well , I have had some apart as well and negrini canvas and leather cases no difference between them, only the price. I renovate and alter gun cases so I have seen how they are put together  but everyone is entitle to their opinion 

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On 12/10/2021 at 18:49, Mr grumpy said:

Thanks for the ideas.will take a look.does anyone know what the quality is like on the guardian cases? Other than that might have to be negrini.nowt on ebay at the moment.

Don’t buy Gaurdian - poor Chinese quality - Toubron are decent albeit Chinese manufactured too but far better IMO 

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