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Electric cars : Kia EV6 GT


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So, when I was a lad Skoda was the car you didn’t want to touch with a barge pole. Ditto Kia. Oh, how the world has changed.

The Kia EV GT looks like an absolute belter and it’s not going to break the bank.

I’m going to see if I can get myself on what I reckon will be a long waiting list.

Can I do any better or is there something else to wait for?

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Awesome. Have you noticed how slow EV's are in real life. They may do stupid speed mode but very few of them are motorway stormers. Have to look after the battery. 

Time is coming to look at an EV for our next car and I looked around an xc40 last week. 

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All the electric cars top out around the 100 mph mark which makes sense because that’s license losing speed and there’s so much traffic now at all times it’s physically impossible.

My commute is stop start traffic lights on dual carriageway and a belting 0-60 is where it’s at for me.

We’re waiting for delivery of a couple of Jag iPaces Black at work but the delivery has been put back twice and they’re taking stuff off the car (with no reduction in price) - we booked them a year ago and got a cracking deal and I suspect that they are trying to hack us off so we walk away and they then re-lease the cars for an extra third of the price we negotiated. 

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Battery use goes skyward above 60mph, just as fuel use increases massively in a ICE vehicle, but normally a ICE vehicle has a tank of fuel (at a minimum of two sets of batteries worth of energy in the tank) whereas battery vehicle.....


Given the state of our electric system and the generation replacement requirements (we need to be building 2 nuclear stations every year just to replace what we have and another 2 per year to replace gas generation), and this still means we need fossil fuels for transport.


diesel is still the better bet as will always be required for hgv and agricultural use and is not going to disappear any time soon.

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