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Double gun case


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Hi All,

I'm part way though purchasing (more or less by accident) the second gun that makes up a pair of AYA no.2's with 26 inch barrels.

I'm looking for a case for them - in the past, for my other guns I've either tracked down contemporary cases or bought canvas Brady ones. Unfortunatly, Brady dont seem to have made any double cases that I can see.

With the market being what it is right now, the AYA's were something of a bargain, so dont want to go and spend a fortune on a case.

I've been looking at the Guardian Viscount range, which as far as I can tell is made from real leather, as opposed to canvas or PU leather. I'm still not totaly sold on the quality from what I have read though.

Idealy, what I would like is a double canvas AYA case for a pair of 26" guns like the one I let slip though my fingers about a year ago.....

Any ideas or sugestions appreciated.

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17 hours ago, button said:

How much you looking to spend?

This showing as out of stock but may be worth a call in case they have something else


Or try somewhere like Yorkshire Gun Room

Cheers, that looked like a bargin - shame its sold.

I'll trying contacting Yorkshire  Gun Room and see what they have 👍

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You might like to know as a matter of interest   that cases from Watson brothers are made by Guardian,  i had a job from Marriotts guns, splitting a new treble set of Watson twenty bores into a pair and a single it was a guardian case that the treble  was supplied in from Watson brothers 









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