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10 minutes ago, Mortaful said:

How you get on pls. Didn't seem to hit a blooming thing other day. Swapped back to ramongolas hit everything lol

Hello, they pattern well in my O/U, 3/4 full , when I am on target they kill ok but don't over do range, I bought a job lot of cartridges when just carts moved to new warehouse, I agree on the Roma's , far better cartridge, I must say I don't shoot that often or get good numbers now it's just nice to enjoy a day out in the fields, Check out shot sizes on Roma's to UK equivalent ?

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On 14/10/2021 at 19:18, Mortaful said:

Hi guys an girls. Thanks for the add by the way.. Has anyone ever shot pigeon with Hull comp x 28 7.5? 


Hull Comp X are a budget cartridge, just fine for clays and adequate for pigeon. Unfortunately they don't pattern as well as better cartridges.

On the day if pigeons are coming in and in the pattern they'll die. But if your struggling or the pigeons are that bit further, why worry over the few pence difference. A miss for .20p a cartridge or a kill for  .23p ?

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