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Hi Cenrtepin. Go for the barbour wax they are quite easy to fit as there are no zips to fiddle with, and last a long time. I'm on my second pair but can still use the old ones if needed, have been used for beating in thick cover and brambles over the years, just rewax occasionally should last for a good few years. 

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2 hours ago, DanT said:

That DVRNSALE website appears dodgy, I can’t find anything on them on Google so I’d go direct to Barbour / another well known resales if I was you. 


2 hours ago, alan123shooting said:

I agree no contact number always dodgy 

john Norris have the. At 20% off 

Thanks, just ordered from John Norris.

If it looks too good to be true it usually is. Better paying the going rate from a well known retailer. 

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NOW a nice pair of well polished leather ones would certainly get folks talking. Have not sen those worn for maybe 55 -60yrs when they were part of the motor cyclist uniform in the force. Two of my uncles used to turn up to our shoots in breeches and brown leather gaiters which you could see your face in BUT that was back when it was grey partridge only and the sight of a Frenchman provoked some seriously nasty language .

Today I would also go for the Barbour wax cotton as you can give them a coat of preservative each season.  I have a pair I hate to think how long I have had them. They still do the job.

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1 hour ago, Walker570 said:

NOW a nice pair of well polished leather ones would certainly get folks talking. 


the sight of a Frenchman provoked some seriously nasty language .


I did consider some WW11 American ones but the side paces put me off.

The sight of a Frenchman still does.

1 hour ago, captainhastings said:

Never been a boot man my self. You can't pop them all walk around sum muddy fields for an hour then walk in the house with out taking them off which is a palarva more of a welly guy

For the last couple of years I've worn dirt boot neoprene wellies and thought them the bees knees. Last Thursday I had an excruciating pain at the back of my toes, nothing in the boot so walked on, another pain. Limped back to car and found a twig the exact size of my tread in the boot tread and a 4" thorn directly through the sole. It punctured and entered my foot every step, but running my hand inside the boot couldn't find anything as it only came through the gel insole as my foot flexed forward. 

Lesson leant, back to my trusty Danner boots with non puncture midsole and proper footbed support.

As a diabetic one of the first things to loose if not looked after are the feet. Diabetics frequently loose feet and legs through poor care. I've now throughly cleaned my feet(obviously)and am applying antibiotic powder to the puncture wounds. Monday I'll phone the diabetic nurse if I need antibiotics or to be seen "just in case"

Bad enough walking with a stick as it is, hopping along would be much worse for my shooting.🤣

Long John Centrepin 


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