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Another wind too good to miss.


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This morning I woke feeling particularly groggy with a sore left arm where the Covid-19 booster jab was inserted yesterday. I could have felt sorry for myself (in reality I did) but after dropping my brother off at the train station I went out looking for pigeons, or rather a flight line of pigeons as I didn't feel up to carrying lots of kit.

Over last weekend despite the rain quite a lot of drilling had been done and that is what the pigeons I saw were feeding on. One farm near home had drilled and the pigeons were feeding on it and flicking over the road and down to a small spinney in the valley bottom to digest the protein. I headed for that spinney with a net and hide poles.

A single bird came first and was shot which resulted in a great number heading from the fields towards my spinney. The wind at this stage was 25 mph at least. The shooting was pretty frantic for two hours and I shot until my cartridge bag was empty. The pick-up was twenty seven pigeons.


Salters Lane Wyham..jpg

Empty bag plus pigeons..jpg

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Good stuff. At least you remembered the poles this time. We are in the middle of a house move and the mother in law has just had a hip replaced so I’m on a short leash for sneaking off shooting at the minute.

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I saw this then a post  Pickled eggs with chillies.  Not linked are they:lol:

Had a call this week to sort some pigeons but unfortunately had a range of committments. Yes nice to see a pigeon related post.

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