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Probably the best all round 4x4 pickup out there


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31 minutes ago, London Best said:

Is it possibly £31k for a basic Hilux and £42k for the bells and whistles on an Invincible?

It's around £42k for an invincible and then you can sell it privately for £45. My son has been offered at various times between £3k and £5k more to part with his. He's covered close on 10.000 miles since he collected it on a 21 plate.

His response is always "what would I buy to replace it"

There's still an 18 month waiting list for Hilux, 18 - 24 months for Invincible X. (3 months plus for a RAV4 4x4).

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I have a series 4 L200 Barbarian crew cab, long bed, 175bhp, on road 4wd (hi), manually selectable low and low locked gearing, locked centre diff. Just wish i had locking front and rear diffs.

They do have their fair share of problems like all the rest but that's the luck of the draw and the joys of owning a vehicle!

Has enough creature comforts, air con, leather interior, auto lights/wipers but not so much that it's a pain in the ***!

They have all gone stupid price wise lately. so i'll be hanging on to mine for a while.

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