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Kindle conundrum


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I have always been an avid reader and collector of books.
As retirement (22 years ago) increased my travel activities, I found having sufficient books in my luggage for the duration was getting out of hand and heavy.
The answer eventually was to buy a Kindle.
Initially, I loaded it with loads of books and worked through them, always having at least 20 "in stock", as topping up was not always an option during travel, as internet access could be scarce.
Since Covid has restricted long vacations, I have dropped stock levels down to a handful.
This has caused a strange phenomenon.
 I buy a book and read it within a few days, when I choose the option to "remove it from my Kindle", I get a popup telling me that I am eligible for a refund.
I can then cancel the removal, or accept the refund, only two options.

Once refund selected, I have a list of reasons for deleting the book, they include "wrong book", "unacceptable genre", etc., Plus "Other".

I select "Other" , the book is deleted and I get an email that tells me £X has been credited to my account.
All the communications from Amazon are by "no reply" email.

Is anyone else experiencing/enjoying this phenomena ? 

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Seems like poor software on Amazon's part - once the book is 100% read then a refund ought not to be possible - I've read Kindle thrillers where the ending is utterly feeble and I'd have liked a refund!

As an aside - you don't need a Kindle device to read Kindle books.   If you have a tablet/phone device (Android or Apple iOS) then there are Kindle Apps available with all the same functionality.


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49 minutes ago, Centrepin said:

I only delete the books I'm not keen on as I tend to re read as I always come across something I missed first time round. If I don't  like a book I delete at whatever point it bores me.

I don't re read but delete at point of boredom, often very quickly.

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