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What a lovely kind and thoughtful gift

Old Boggy

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In a recent correspondence with Mel b3, I happen to mention that my daughter is a carer for Downs syndrome boys and girls and one such lad very much admired my leather wallet made for me and acquired from Mel & Lin some years ago now. 

Imagine my surprise when coming back from a few days away to find a small package on the mat with the wallet so beautifully made and wonderfully personalised by Lin.

This was a gift, but more so as I know it will be treasured by Ritchie when he receives it.

There really are some kind, thoughtful and wonderfully talented people on Pigeon Watch.

Many thanks to Mel & Lin for this lovely gift.





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Well done, I do see certain acts of real kindness that stop me in my tracks at times and this is a perfect example.

I watched an absolutely fantastic Sean Connery film called Finding Forester years ago and one of his phrases has stuck with me. . . .       

An unexpected gift at an unexpected time

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3 hours ago, mel b3 said:

You're very welcome Chris.  I hope he likes it mate .👍

He’s going to absolutely love it.

Thanks again Mel and Lin of course for your kindness.

So very much appreciated.

Best regards 


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We all must be over a certain age as we have respect for each  other and kindness thou at times we may not agree. But thank you  mel b3 for the free gift to a special person so may folks shy away from these people. So thank you as I know  we adopted one of our many foster children who we collected from the Hospital  and now she is eleven years old  and as Autism plus we had our own grown up children and grand children.

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1 hour ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Well done Lin.  :good:


Mel has to be associated with these good things to make up for his ginger problem!

It's not a problem,  I can stop whenever I want , honest 😈

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