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Struggling with eye dominance

Poor Shot

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Hi poor shot can you use binoculars with both eyes open i can't  but i can swap my vision when i please with both eyes open because i can do this i was told 3d glasses for watching films would be no use to me i can also shoot left or right handed rifle or shotgun  try to see if you can swap your vision in each eye at will  if you can practice doing this so each time you pick up your gun in left or right hand you are using that eye

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2 hours ago, Oly said:

Have you a link to that sight please? 

Why don’t you try an easyhit bead before you go extreme!!

On 24/10/2021 at 20:33, London Best said:

Certainly not. I don’t consciously line anything up, just stare at the target put the gun up and pull the trigger.

This is exactly the right, and only way to shoot a shotgun well! When you’re catching a ball you don’t look at your hands!

You look at the thing that’s moving, you know exactly where your hands are and the gun is an extension of your arms. 

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Not sure if its been mentioned, but simply putting a small piece of black tape on the left lens of your safety glasses, in line with your iris will enable both eyes open for depth of field and right eye only along the barrel / bead. This works for me with clays, for what its worth

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