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Me and my pal had our first trip overseas on Saturday, from Chester to Fauxdegla. We left the girls at the hotel in Chester and set off for Wrexham.

First impressions were a mix of being impressed and a little daunted too. As novices from Manchester, we’re not quite used to the scenery, nor the impeccable appearance of a premier ground. Everything was tidy and new looking, grassed areas all neat, no litter, just a very well looked after ground.

We bought our clays, £ 30 per 100 which is cheaper than we’re used to. Got loads of advice and instruction from the lady owner. She introduced herself and her husband, who was as equally helpful as his wife. I have read previous posts where they were described less favourably, I honestly could not fault them. We spoke to them throughout the day, in the cafe, when topping up our clay cards and when seeking advice regarding the DTL and Skeet stands and they genuinely couldn’t do enough to help. The ground lads were great too, Adam in particular was super helpful.

The only down side was the sun, which can’t be helped. It rendered half the sporting layout impossible until the afternoon, but there’s so much else to go at, it really doesn’t matter.

We went through 400 carts between us and had a cracking time. It’s only 1.5 hours from us, well worth the trip.

We’ll definitely be going again soon.




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