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Semi auto prejudice,


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22 hours ago, WalkedUp said:

In my own opinion engraving on a semi auto is lipstick on a pig, and I say that as someone who loves semi autos. The more functional and worn with time the more beautiful in my eyes. I have an original Beretta A300, older than me and perfect in every way. 

Yep. It’s not really engraving anyhow is it, just stamped into the receiver. 
I had an old clunky Breda once, the one with the external chokes, with very little finish. It cost me £70.00 from a gunshop in Carlisle and it’s patina was glorious, almost as nice as the one gun I desperately regret selling….a Winchester Model 12 take down. 😭

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4 hours ago, Gas seal said:

Hi theshootist my friend often told me that his friend owned a Charles Lancaster/ Spencer pump action shot gun . He was amazed at the Damascus barrel on the gun. He thinks it was some time after the second word war.  This is a photo ,1957,of Herman who owned the gun, and he gave me a book with an article on the gun. He has a book about the test that was done in the field on the gun he will have a look for it.



According to Richard Arnold in his book Automatic and Repeating Shotguns, Spencer shotguns were introduced in the early 1880's in England by the well known shooter Dr W. F. Carver who gave several exhibitions of shooting with it.

Annie Oakley also shot one at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

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On 17/11/2021 at 17:41, Gas seal said:

Hi some information on the Spencer pump action. 


Just this minute been watching Jonny off The Gun Shop playing with one at Holts! Damascus barrel, built 1882.

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Actually in a hide, shooting decoy pigeon or crows or shooting ducks or geese, a semi-auto or a pump is probably the safest option (as is a Greener GP or bolt action shotgun such as a Mossberg) as you can keep the muzzle pointing up at all times and don't have to drop the muzzles down to reload nor bring an now closed and loaded gun up again once reloaded.

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