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Hundreds about today

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I was kindly invited by the farmer on Thursday to a walk around day on the pheasants and partridge. I while waiting for the other guns to arrive I was watching one of his rape fields. Around 30 birds on it, but two fields of spring barley stubble were blue with pigeons. The problem being they were the farm next doors. 

father also had an invite and we both hatched a plan to intercept them today. He sat in a clump of trees that in the past has produced some very good days, I while watching, decided to sit on a flight line which was crossing one of our rape fields. 

this field has woods on two sides which we normally roost shoot in, but at the moment with so many leaves on the trees it is impossible to see them. 

I decided to set up where I saw a lot of birds passing this morning, about three quarters along the side of a hedge row. A magnet and around 15 decoys were placed on the rape and while setting up the hide 2 pigeons came straight in. With gun still in bag they went out again unscathed. But things were looking good. 

after around an hour I’d not had much shooting as the birds had changed flight lines. One was across the middle of the field and the other was along side one of the woods. I decided to move up to the wood with just gun and cartridges and try my luck. Flocks of 20-200 pigeons were flighting back and forth to the barley stubble all day. With only a couple now and again peeling off into the decoys. 

standing on the edge of the wood helped to get a few shots off but even with a half decent wind they were still high and going like the clappers. 

finished the day with 21 between us for quite a few cartridges! But it was pleasing to see a lot about again after a very lean summer. Most birds shot were stuffed with barley and beech.


cheers, pete


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Here today gone tomorrow  ?????  foriegn incomers ?????

The farm called and asked me to go up and have a go at a huge flock of woodies hitting a field of wheat they had just sown.  I was committed the next day and then they called and said the flock had gone disappeared completely and had not been see around since. 

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