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lanber shotgun


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43 minutes ago, mossy835 said:

had the gun back and it was very dirty in side, so they cleaned it right out serviced it,£72

Thats sounds pretty good £72 for service and repair. I got a Miroku Ore skeet that sometimes doesn't fire second barrel so should ask my local smith to have a look.

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Not trying to drum up work for my fellow gunsmiths , well may be a little bit , but like all mechanism's guns do need to be thoroughly cleaned every once in a while .

Prowler mentions a Miroku that " doesn't fire the second barrel occasionally" . A vague description that could have several meanings or causes .If the fault isnt obvious and on a brief examination no major problems such as very loose actions or forends , no broken strikers for example then have to consider the inside .

It may have nothing to do with the possible build up of gunge in one of the striker wells / dried up oil in the trigger piston/rust in the sear springs/ a combination of old oil and dirt in the inertia block , etc.

It may be a worn striker , a weak or damaged spring or any one of several possible reasons . It may be that a deep clean is all that is required .

A strip and clean  should mean a  full strip the gun to its component parts , some single trigger units best left alone  .  I started by washing off in paraffin to remove excess grease and oil if very dirty or oily , then using an ultrasonic cleaner to get all the rest clean .

When all the parts were clean and dry check for any rust or roughness on plungers, signs of damage or wear on springs and strikers before assembly using only light oils and only greasing heavy bearing surfaces .

Barrel bores would be polished to remove any leading or powder build up in the chamber cones , multi choke threads cleaned and chokes checked for build up of leading , not uncommon ,and damage .

The gun would then be checked for function and timing .

Point is a full clean can often solve a problem and or give warning of possible future problems such as weak springs , worn strikers ,worn threads and loose axel pins to name but a few .

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