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I know 😂 it posted before I could write up! Damned iphone. I was flighting for a few hours along a nice line to some fields where they had been feeding on hedges. The line was all over the place but a strong westerly channelled them enough to get few. I picked 27 in the end. Unusual for this time of year because they are normally on beech. But there is very little about this year so I suspect they will be out of the woods shortly. Not a big bag. But nice to blow the cobwebs off in a good breeze. Oh, I also put the rotary out to draw them a bit. It proved to be marmite so I got rid of it and just stood behind the hedge. Result was very testing shots. Good to get the eye in

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11 minutes ago, ditchman said:

really nice picture as well..............Beretta ?


Here’s another bag from a fortnight ago. Equally big write up! 😂 they were on stubble as you can see! I started with half a dozen plastics. Replaced them as I went. No contraptions, just dead birds. I think I ended with 117 from memory. The most eventful thing was a female merlin trying to take a free lunch. I refused since I was shooting lead. I think I have few other photos somewhere on the phone I could stick up. Going to try to post a wee bit more to support the site.


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