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Knife Amnesty locally


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17 hours ago, Cranfield said:

Like Shooting Egg posted above, we had a lot of obsolete/never used kitchen knives and recently decided to dump them.
I contacted the local Police and was advised the accepted method was to wrap them in paper, to make them "safe" and place them in the non recyclable rubbish bin.
This is what I did, but felt uncomfortable as it seemed a bit "unsafe". 
Incidentally, they showed no interest in me handing them in.

I also have a few other fishing knives, pen knives, incl the obligatory swiss knifes, these all sit in a drawer and are no longer used.
I can understand people having a clear out if an amnesty is announced.


An happy to 'recycle' your draw stock for you, will pay postage. 

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11 hours ago, HantsRob said:


On 08/11/2021 at 11:03, Smokersmith said:

I think there’s a cigar cutter on there also🙄

You've seen the movies, that can be a nasty little finger cutter


It did go through my mind .. but then I thought about the car doors, vases and other household implements used to bash folks skulls in … just thought it was an interesting item.

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On 09/11/2021 at 21:26, walshie said:

Any knife could be construed as a threat to another human. Where do you draw the line short of handing in your cutlery drawer?

Absolutely, I agree. 

If I were taking in knives and someone said "I feel these could be a risk", I wouldn't draw the line anywhere.

On 09/11/2021 at 21:29, Scully said:

Not sure I understand that! Haven’t you just contradicted yourself there? 

I've re-written a reply several times to you. None made good sense, and yes I can see how it sounded contradictory. 

A knife as it is doesn't make it a weapon, or dangerous. But intent changes everything. 

That's probably as close to my thoughts as it gets.

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