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First day on OSR

the hitman

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Having recced a field for a couple of day and a decent wind forecast I decided set up on a field of OSR for the first time this winter. I put a good number of birds off the field and a similar amount from the 5 beech trees where I was setting up.

The wind was S/Westerly and was blowing leaves from the beeches towards my sillosock decoys and beyond. I didn’t have to wait long before the first one came in - more to the trees than the decoys and was dispatched. Then a group of 6 came in again to the trees- and I shot another, and set up the magnet.

Pigeons were moving about but not showing a great interest in my set up - but I was getting some shooting. While I was out in the field retrieving a shot pigeon I spotted a flock of at least 100 pigeons flying against the wind towards me- a brisk walk back to the hide, I watched as they all dropped into the decoys. On this occasion I decided not to shoot but to quietly made my presence known rather than educate so many pigeons.

After almost 3 hours of sporadic shooting and with rain beginning to fall I packed up with 11 pigeons- however I shot really badly and should have had 20. I have been using my sxs recently and went back to my O/U today, I had a thicker jumper on under my gilet or perhaps it was the 5 pints of Hertog Jan that I had from my PD machine last night.

I didn’t disturb them too much so a return visit to this field with be sooner than later.



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It goes to prove that no two years are ever the same when it comes to pigeon shooting , pigeon shooters would normally think this is not the time of year to get over excited about shooting pigeons on o s r , mind you , we have got a fair bit of rape and at the moment and it is totally devoid of any pigeon interest , with it being so mild the rape is getting as high as your knee length water boots and will need a few frosts to lower the height .

Another example of don't always believe what you read in shooting magazines , or what you read on the P W forum :lol: , the only way to find out for sure is to turn your lap top off, then put your coat on and go and have a look yourself .

Well done hitman and I hope they give you continued sport :good:

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Well done Hitman and it`s good for you that they are on the rape in your area. You did right in showing restraint in not shooting at an incoming flock. You will no doubt have many more outings to that field.

As marsh man`s area, the pigeons have shown no interest whatsoever on the rape here in my part of Kent. The few that Stour boy and I shot yesterday most had ivy berries in and one had hawthorn berries. This was good news for us as we were shooting just inside a small wood and put out about 50 to 60 on our arrival at 12 noon so they were obviously feeding on the abundant ivy cladding the various trees. It was difficult shooting as being a fairly sheltered wood, there was still much leaf cover to the canopy. We decided next week to put up some poles and netting just outside the wood to allow us a more open space above to shoot. These can be left in situ as we and one other are the only ones to shoot the wood. We will be out again next week providing the prevailing wind remains, namely South Westerly.



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