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2 minutes ago, countryman said:

I must be getting at least 5 MacAfee email scams a day saying my subscription is running out, I don’t even have them as my security nor would I if they can’t stop these people pretending to be them. Where is all this coming from and surly in this day and age they must be traceable. 

Much the same - and never had MacAfee either.  Also masses on xxxx bitcoins.  If I had a penny for every spam I'd had about bitcoins - I would be a rich man!  I have a spam box set up (in Apples mail app) and they go in there - so whilst annoying, they are easily deleted.

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It is traceable but very few people are prepared to pay to stop it because the general consensus is why pay when a similar service is available for free. If you do have a paid email account then it's simple enough to get it sorted, if you have a free one ( gmail, yahoo etc etc ) then your going to have to do the work.

If you have a free account *** millions do, then start by a Google search something like:

Samsung S10 gmail spam

It may take you a little while and playing about but if you can shoot pigeons successfully then you will be able to stop or certainly limit the spam your getting; good luck

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Be very careful with free anti-virus, they are free for a reason. Most will only offer partial protection and some are even malware that do more harm than good.

Far better to use proper paid for protection, something like Norton which can be picked up quite cheaply in deals at Curry's PC World, shopping around I have found it for as little as £24 for the year.

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