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Suzuki Jimny Insurance


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Hi Guys,

After advice for the best car insurance for my son, 22 years old been driving for 4 years with no accidents and only does 2000 miles in Jimny as he is a full time gamekeeper. 

Currently with Adrian Flux but they want more for renewal than last year!!

Any help much appreciated 

Best regards


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I insure mine with Hastings and every year the premium goes up and every year I simply ring up and tell them that I would prefer to pay the current,last years rate, and every year they do just that ! Even reducing it a little sometimes so I stay with them.

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5 hours ago, sam triple said:

With direct line can’t fault them , get money off if one family member has other products with them 

Wasn't there a thread a while back that said Direct Line did't cover the carriage of cartridges etc?

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1 hour ago, sam triple said:

Don’t tell em then , tbh if we read the small print on every policy I’m sure 50pc wouldn’t be covered 

I know where your coming from and I agree there's a lot of people who aren't technically insured driving around as they don't meet the conditions on their policy.

I was mainly pointing this out to the original poster, as it's a game keeper vehicle I think it would be wise to ensure any shooting activities are covered.

In your case it's up to you, it'll be a very small risk, but if you have an acident that's your fault and you have cartridges in the car then you do run the risk of not being covered for any claims against you. You could argue what's the point of insurance at all.

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