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A new bsa out today .


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A penny short of £1000? This feels very Daystateish. It looks nice, I grant you, and coming in a hard case is a good touch, but it doesn't feel like a gun that's designed to be...well...used. 

I guess if you're looking for something unusual to sit in a cabinet then it certainly looks the part!

3 minutes ago, Longbower said:

Regulated , anti double load ?

anti double load, but I don't think it's regulated?

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Good looking gun .

But I'm not super keen in laminated stocks .

And at a grand its £300 more than I paid for my walnut first edition  .with the same add ons (except the side leaver  - I prefer  a rear bolt anyway ) 


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57 minutes ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, never been one for fancy stocks, BSA would been 

  better fitting a synthetic and selling rifle only, I would not want all the fancy extras, 

This is a limited edition gun, not a workhorse. Celebrating 160 years of BSA, so I guess that's why it's done like that. I'm inclined to agree, with something like air rifles, I don't see the point in limited edition guns. I guess to show off to your mates at the range, but I'm not sure the resale value is much better than the standard versions and I be 90% of the 320 be made will see the light of day very often and certainly never out in a muddy field

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Cab queen 😁! , the pepper stocks are very nice never had anything limited, but I do have guns that had a low run my carbine comes to mind or the 635 magnum, I guess it could be viewed as usable with maybe a future collectable value or just something a bit off from the norm, thing is, think of the guns you passed over only to want for one years later, would this be one of those? hard to call it is nice thou!

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