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Accipiter nisus


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Whilst waiting for GSW to come into my set up on some old permission this afternoon. I thought its very Q...

I began to make a coffee  and what should come and land on my brand new perch positioned about 10ft away.

Yes a female Sparrowhawk, oh what a nice surprise indeed, pity the light was poor.

Nearly spilt my coffee on Milo, but managed to avoid him thankfully and managed to shoot two bursts off..

GG :ninja:  Milo🐶




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You lucky fella,,,, to get an opportunity like that must be amazing !!!

I was once out shooting rabbits and a male sparrowhawk landed on a 4ft wooden post about 25yds from me,,,, it stared at me with those piercing eyes for maybe 5 seconds,,,, WOW !!! 😃

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