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Accidents On Farms

marsh man

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A old skiing pall was killed last year on a quad on the fell 52 yr old .

farmers on the fell tend to have the biggest/ Heavy quads to get up to the tops which did not help when it’s on top of you .

back in the day when we did lots of farm buildings . I was once almost gassed fitting the slats on a brand new pit at the front of a new shed we were building . I was in the pit pulling out the props and the silage pit liquor had dripped  in to the pit and was giving off fumes.

. Manage to get out but some have not been so lucky .

had a few falls off roofs as well. But the Devil is obviously not ready for me yet!!👿😜


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before i left Ireland at 21 i knew of four within my area who died     from slurry tank agitation / silage clamping tractor rolled over     before roll bars or cabs  / a bull gored him / and   a turf / peat  cutting machine which used railway sleepers as tracks  he slipped and went under at least a dozen times before found    others lost limbs to pto shafts and  belt driven machines get blocked up out of gear still in tension free the obstruction something     goes missing         always at the busiest time of year lack of sleep    got to  get on no help   no other industry can work solo  

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Where to start, what to share.

First time I read this thread I wanted to chip in straight away but couldn't bring myself to type my story, then as more posted I felt like it was going to turn into a top trumps of who had the better tale to tell.

I think in agriculture and heavy industry the life expectancy/fatality rate is the poorest of all trades. There are so many factors/unknowns that you can't possibly plan for every eventuality. In the 27 years I been working I've lost a few friends and acquaintances, seen many more injured, some lightly, some life altering and sadly I also became a statistic myself. The only thing nothing worse than that "what if feeling" after a close call. Is the "I could've done something" after it's too late.

Look after yourself, look out for others but most importantly don't trust others to look out for you. 



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Potentially avoided an accident yesterday! Me and the farmer both had said we were knackered yesterday. Wed just finished dehorning calves and I went to scrape put before coffee time. He always sets the feeder wagon going to mix the silage and corn for the cows and puts it out whilst they're milking after we've had a coffee. I came round the corner to see him climbing off the side of the feeder wagon after fishing something out whilst the pto was turning. I told him to be more careful and he agreed it was because he was tired he didn't think about it. 

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Reading all the above posts you can see the scale of the problem and it is not very good reading .

Over the last few years the number of staff on most big(ish) farms have have got a lot less and if anyone is off ill then it leave more work for the ones who are left , this then result in long hours and lack of sleep and it only take a split second to have an accident 

I used to take some lads on from the local collage in the Summer on work experience, and every year the health and safety regulations got more and more stricter , our workshop door was covered in do's and don't , as we never had enough staff on the building side to look after each individual in the end I could no longer have the worry and stopped taking them on , while they were on site we updated the dust extractor for hard and soft woods , all machines were isolated while not in use , paints had to go in secure cabinets , wooden ladders were checked for splinters , you name it then we had to make sure it was safe to use as we, or I were responsible for their safety and well being.

When all these corners are cut you can see that a accident is just waiting to happen and sadly many do .

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