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Shooting / Fishing / Cooking pictures


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I thought I would take the opportunity to share a few pictures from my vague, ongoing project to show country sports in a positive light, and also that it is clearly an activity linked to food.

This is a link to my Instagram account if you want to like or follow - https://www.instagram.com/jack_snipe_uk/?hl=en (I know some on here kindly do already)


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14 hours ago, Lsto said:

Very nice, I have often thought about doing something like this myself. I'm glad to see someone championing field sports and game food. Well done

Thanks - I think a lot of pepole could easily do it and it would do a world of good. There are a lot of hunting pictures out there that pepile take for good reasons - but that are easily misconstrued by the public. Most pepole however do like food - so linking one to the other is easy enough. Everyone has a camera phone now anyway.

9 hours ago, Houseplant said:

Nice. My own hunting (yes, I am a hunter, not a pest controller) and fishing has created new interests for me in meat and fish preparation and cooking. I take the odd photo too, but just for my own satisfaction. 


I'm the same - the first meal I can ever remember being really excited about was a game pie from some badly shot pheseants a freinds father had been given and that he didn't know what to do with (ok, I didn't cook them, but my mum did). I really veiw shooting, fishing and cooking as parts of the same pastime. 

4 hours ago, JDog said:

Well done and thanks for posting.

Cheers 👍

2 hours ago, London Best said:

Nice thread, well done.  
I particularly like the tastefully placed leaves covering the exit hole on the Munty!

Thanks - Hahaha, I had forgotten about that. In all honesty, I will have to give credit to the chap I was stalking with for that tasteful artistic flourish.

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