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Croque monsieur


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The fancy French name for it, I prefer to call it an eggy bread club sandwich. Perfect for a quick-ish but substantial snack when out field shooting, fishing or camping.

All done in the one pan, dead easy to make, and in my opinion it's the food of the gods.

Method/Ingredients : Take a shallow pan and into it break 2 or 3 eggs (per person) depending on appetites, Add a little milk to the eggs and season to taste, then lightly whisk with a utensil until the yokes, whites and milk have blended. Then take thick cut bread slices (3 slices per sandwich )and liberally soak each piece in the egg mixture until the mixture is used up. Now add a decent knob of butter to the pan and place on a heat source, whilst you are waiting for the butter to melt open a packet of sliced ham and a packet of sliced or grated cheese, then place 1 or 2 of the egg soaked slices into the pan for about 2 mins per side, Then take them out of the pan and repeat with all the slices remaining.

Next, build the club sandwiches by taking a slice of the egg bread and cover the upper surface with ham, place another slice on top of the ham and cover the surface of this with the cheese, finally, place a third slice on top of the cheese and place back into the pan, turning occasionally until the cheese has melted and the bread starts to get evenly browned.

Take out the pan, cut in half, enjoy.      


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