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Twin cab pickup-Which One


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My Navara (16 plate) was doing around 40 (mostly country lanes and journeys of around 20 miles a go). My lux (17 plate 2.4 and 13 plate 2.5d) does 34 mpg's on the same journeys. Towing they were both down to 26 mpgs. 

Of more concern is the ride (Lux) when towing which was not great, bouncing and shunting but that could be down to my boat trailer.  If comfort os at all important then the Navara will be far better. I think it has some independent rear suspension and is at least 100kg lighter than the lux. 


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One thing to consider is local clean air zones (stealth congestion charges). I was thinking of a pick-up but of that age I would have to pay £10 per day on a euro 5 or less diesel if I drive in to the next county as Greater Manchester are being this in soon. I am sure more cities (and surrounding towns) will bring this in soon. 

Not good for me as local supermarket and motorway access that is the most convenient route as I live just over the county border. 

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