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Space Rock


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Just watching on the new the launch of a rocket that is going to knock a space rock off course to see if the idea could work for protecting the earth at some time.

So they are going to slam a rocket in to a rock that at the moment is not heading for earth, how can that go wrong?!

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Two issues. 1. What if the missile hits the wrong part of the rock and alters it’s trajectory so that asteroid  will collide with earth. 2. If an asteroid is going to crash to earth it won’t matter as we will all be dead from covid and the earth will be uninhabitable due to our environmental disaster. But then again it might sort out the migrant crisis

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On 24/11/2021 at 07:47, TIGHTCHOKE said:

A 1 out of 360 degree fail rate

  Not really, much lower chance.  They are working in 3D, not 2D.  Well actually it is 4D because the thing is moving, so you have to hit it at the right time too or it has not got there or is already past the 3D point you shot at.



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