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Nissan Navara Rear Tailgate Locking


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I just purchased an 04 Nissan Navara D22 which has a truckman top, I didn`t think to check but the rear tailgate doesn't lock on the central locking and there is no keyhole either so I'm guessing it never locked in the first place and the truckman roof door that locks is meant to prevent you opening the drop down tailgate?

I'm not entirely convinced it is very secure and concerned someone will just pull the tailgate down past the truckman door with some force, is there an after market device or replacement handle for the drop down door to convert it into a locking drop down door, doesnt need to centrally lock just even a key lock will do.


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Long time since I had a D22 and cant remember if mine had a lock as I never use the locks on my tailgates but I have found the link below which tells you how to fit an actuator to the frontier (US version of the Navara). If you don't have an existing lock the mechanism may still be there. Nissan have a habit of just using the same part for lots of things e.g the front doors of the D40 have the mechanism for child lock but the switch is hidden behind the panel, you only find out when something moves the switch and you cant open the dorrs from the inside.


I have fitted actuators to a couple of friends D40s

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To my knowledge none of the pick ups tailgates lock on the central locking (although very I’d that it doesn’t have a key hole) my wildtrack is exactly the same in the sense that it doesn’t lock on the central locking I have however purchased an aftermarket system (yet to be fitted) that runs into/ splices into the main loom and connects it to the central locking. 

try - brute status https://www.brutestatus.co.uk/

direct 4x4  https://direct4x4.co.uk/

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