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Storm pigeons

the hitman

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I have been watch a field of OSR all week and today the weather was to be a gusty Northern wind with a risk wintery showers.

I was set up at 10.30am in what was a perfect day for the job. The wind was stirring the birds up and I was under the only sitty trees in a big acreage of OSR where they had been feeding.

No need for a magnet today as the sillosocks were twisting and bobbing and the pigeons were coming in like driven partridge just off the ground. I got off to a good start knocking down a dozen in the first 20mins all of which I added to the pattern. The wind gusts increased and the sillo’s were doing a crazy dance which did not deter the pigeons in fact it definitely helped. I shot a few high birds coming over the trees which was fantastic sport.

The decoying birds were coming in in tight groups of 10+ and on 2 occasions I shot 2 with one shot- pure fluke of course. By 1pm the wind was too strong and some of the sillo’s were pulled of there mental pins. The sky behind me turning very dark and the first hailstones began to fall- so I quickly pack up. 62 pigeons all shot with 27g superfasts through 1/2+ full choke.



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56 minutes ago, JDog said: is shooting tomorrow. My son will be with him. He ought to cancel.

JD - it’s absolutely awful here now, I ha be a 6ft north facing garden fence and I have just had to reinforce it with garden furniture and wooden poles as it’s swaying a bit too much.

Also the rain is horizontal.

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A brave man indeed to stick it out in the conditions you mentioned and you deserved everyone you got , great report and GOOD LUCK with tomorrow's weather.

1 hour ago, JDog said:

Neal xx is shooting tomorrow. My son will be with him. He ought to cancel.

We are shooting tomorrow and the forecast isn't that great , strong to gale winds and heavy wintery showers , I can't see it being called off but we might have to give the woods a miss if it is a danger to the beaters with fallen branches .

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