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Field Trial Winner & Guns Choice: Middletor Dynamic


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Some recent updates / big events!  

So far this season we have run in our first ever, second and third trials. 

We managed to get a COM in our first trial and I was absolutely over the moon to just finish.

In our second we didn’t place despite having the best run I’ve ever seen Ted have through hard bramble on his first run, sadly handler error let us down on the second run and we didn’t award, but still managed to finish the trial without being put out. 


Well today (or yesterday by now) we ran up near Mid Wales again. Where we  not only managed to finish the trial, but also walk away winning first place and also a bonus of the guns choice award. 

Absolutely over the moon, a hell of a lot of work and effort gone into getting there, and what a feeling it is to achieve it. I was absolutely chuffed to finish 3/3 trials in my first season but to walk away today I was on cloud 9! 

It was especially good to hear that the standard was very high and the judges thought the dogs would excel in open trials! I will have to see if we can get a run in an open before the season is over! 





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Well done Ted, must be hell having to have him drag along with you but somebody has to drive you there I suppose...............................


No, joking apart, I have read all of your contributions reference Teds training and my sincerest congratulations to you both. Very well deserved.

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A just reward for the work and dedication needed to bring a dog up to that standard , the dog can be brilliant but the owner still need to be at the top of his game  to bring out the best and this can only be achieved by hard work and willpower .

MANY THANKS for posting and keeping us up to date , looking forward to the oncoming reports on how the trials went :good:

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