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Worth getting up for.


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At first light it started to snow heavily. The forecast was for snow until ten then fine with a 20mph wind.

I actually went back to bed but the lure of pigeon shooting got me out and about and by ten thirty I was set up with a thick Ivy covered hedge behind me.

I stayed out for an hour and a half and picked twenty three pigeons and seven Carrion crows. It was very enjoyable. 





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Our passion for things we enjoy certainly gets us going, many times I’ve been out fishing in the snow, the wife thinks I’m mad 🤣 I will be the same with shooting,  just not had any snow in my neck of the woods for a while. Fair play to you @JDog for getting out and enjoying yourself 

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41 minutes ago, aga man said:

Very nice J. 

You are doing a great job of thinning out those Carrions👍

Nice to see you posting.

There is a commercial game shoot adjacent to where I was and it has many acres of maize cover crops which is why there are so many Carrions in the area.

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As hitman have already stated that shooting in snow is magical and after a fresh fall the countryside look amazing , we had a inch or so and it soon started to thaw out with the sleet and snow showers turning to rain .

Your new gun is certainly getting a lot of use and well done for braving the elements :good: 

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