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Beretta 694 vs Browning B725


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The 725 is often seen as Browning's attempt to build a gun with an Italian gun feel and in my hands they managed it. There have been some issues with the 725 triggers which were changed from the previous design to simulate mechanical triggers. My experiences with Berettas and GMK has been pretty dismal, but I hear the 694 is somewhat more worthy of the name.

Whatever others say I don't think these 2 are as different as chalk and cheese. In other words if you can shoot one you can shoot the other, so therefore I'd say choose the one that appeals more to your senses and your wallet. 

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4 hours ago, samboy said:

Might pay you to go to a shooting school where you can try them out.

Yes try before you buy them Incase 1 doesn’t fit 

8 hours ago, Rifleman22 said:

I am thinking of updating/upgrading one of my 12gauge guns I use for clays, its been a while since purchased a new gun, therefore I would welcome any advice from owner experience as to which model I should invest in, (unfortunately I cannot afford both)!


Both good guns 👍

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