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All Terrain Tyres?


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Evening all,

Having nearly worn out my General Grabber AT2 235/85/16 tyres I am now looking to replace them on my Defender 90.

Before I logically buy the Grabber AT3's is there any other recommendations please? I mainly use the truck on road about 75% and the 25% off road.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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They’re expensive but BF Goodrich k02’s are by far the most aggressive (best) looking tyres and last very well too. 
I run a set of 265/70/17’s on my L200 and can’t fault them, but I think most are up to the job for the usual sort of off roading/road work. 
Maxxis Wormdrive are a great A/T for the money, look smart and get really good reviews, as do the general grabbers to be honest! 

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12 hours ago, London Best said:

Because it doesn’t have enough power to pull ‘em?

To be honest that’s part of the issue. 75mph flat out but then the hills kill it .

they’re amazing tho off road . I just drive into our splash to feed 😂

17 hours ago, Walker570 said:

Run'em a touch harder.  

It’s just the engine I think nev . 1.5 😂

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2 hours ago, Cawdor118 said:

I know a guy with a wheel refurbishment firm, so as you would guess he is fitting more tires than the average bear. He swears that the new Pirelli Scorpion AT's are the absolute best thing since sliced bread. Beating BFG's. 

They look not too dissimilar to the BFG's....

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On 17/12/2021 at 13:40, team tractor said:

Only down side is fuel economy. 27mpg down to 19mpg on my terios. 


Have these on a L200 Barbarian (175BHP) - ~30mpg to ~25mpg. tad aggressive on the road but great off road, sloppy wet fields, grass (which i find is hardest to get traction). Not tried in snow yet. They physically are a heavy tyre due to being remoulds, thicker side wall and the obvious additional block thread pattern.

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