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No Two Days are the Same

pigeon controller

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I had a call from the farmer with the rape that I shot last week asking how it was going as he had gone past the fields on Wednesday and they were covered. I informed him of the 41 and 75 bags and told him I would be out again on Friday.

Now this farm has circa 300 acres of rape in three main blocks, two are about a mile apart and the other three miles. So on Friday I looked at the one block and nothing in the trees or flighting or down so moved on. The second one is one of the close pairs and it too had no birds visible or flighting. By this time I was getting frantic thing it was a waste of time.

Now the last block is difficult to shot as it lays in a valley, so access is downhill which means exit with pigeons is uphill. It also has a maze of ancient foot paths leading across it to a church on the hill.

Anyway I scanned the field and all I could see was about fifty birds in a sitty tree down at the valley base, but as I scanned the surrounding land which I do not shoot I could see at least another 100 birds sitting in trees. These were obviously digesting Breakfast and would return.

Now being Old and Idle I decided that these birds would have to drop in over the hedge at the top of the field to continue feeding. The position would have the wind at my back but the only drawback is that I would be shooting into the sun. I built the hide and set out the decoys on the brow of the hill in the first tractor tracks from the edge of the field. Now these were close but I set them out in the tracks approx forty yards wide  . The pattern consisted of two flappers , four flyers and six stand ups on spikes which looked very sparse. I set the flappers on timers so they did not flap together to allow movement.

So I was all set up for 10.30 and the first customer came over   my head and banked round the approach the decoys, bang , as I did the lower field in the valley erupted with  two hundred plus birds who all came up the hill and over my decoys. I dropped two and split the flock all over the place.

As the day progressed I had birds coming from all directions to the pattern , the sun cost me a good number of birds , the day tailed off and I packed up at 15.15, I had 150 on the clicker.

I actually found 149, so it was a mega day for me, even with me being level with the Disco it took me five trips .

Today’s outing started at the field I shot last week as I could see a number of birds down feeding hard. I decided with the heavy rain forecast to set up in my original position again. I had twelve decoys from the day before and put out one flapper ( broke one yesterday ) four flyers and seven stand-ups on spikes. This demonstrates the damage to this field as the first time I shot it I had to use cradles to lift the decoys above the rape now all the favourite area are down to the ground.

It was now 10.30 and the first birds were coming in confidently, then the rain and fog or low cloud descended on us and it just stopped. I shot a high crosser and it took ages for the feathers to come down vertically in the still conditions. The rain was set for the day and I stayed hoping for the roosting birds to cross in front of me but nothing came but packed up at 15.15.

I picked up 49 birds which was good in the weather conditions.



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3 minutes ago, pigeon controller said:

What’s the size of the field? Can you not set up in the tram tracks in a safe position

just to much in the way already had a pair of idiots upset neighbours so office stopped the shotguns but I’m still having few with air rifle so not total loss not half lot there more arrive by the day 

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Look like you are back to normal service P C , a superb report and two cracking bags , the big bag would have made headline news around these parts as very few Pigeons are shot locally at this time of the year with the short days and the wildfowling and game shoots in full swing .

Is your outlet improving , or are they still a job to move on ? , lately I have heard of a very bleak outlook when it came to selling game and wandered if the demand for Pigeons have improved with only small numbers shot at this time of the year .

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