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Vauxhall corsa headlight bulb change


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Please could I ask the power of pigeon watch the following.

Is it possible to change the low beam nearside bulb on a 2012 petrol corsa.Or do you have to dismantle the car.My sons headlight has failed and I can get to the bulb but cannot get my hand in.

You tube seems to be saying its bumper and grill off

many thanks in anticipation

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You can just get your hand in to do it, remove the fuse box cover I think, then the bulb cover and the bulb just flicks out, I always found it easier to keeping the plug connected to the bulb worked easier. Make sure you put it in the same way it come out or else the beam pattern will be wrong for MOT

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I had a similar issue with a VW. 
A call to them produced a fully fitted quote about £6 more than buying a bulb separately so off it went to let them do it. 

can you have a look at the wheel arch liner to see if you can remove that and get up easier that way 

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