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... then home for lunch.


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On yesterday's recce I spied a few you know whats on the corner of a rape field. So long as the wind wasn't strong today I planned to give it a go.

Upon arrival at the field there was fog and a light wind. By the time I had tramped across the field and set up the fog had gone and the wind was 15mph. Not good.

I just had to face the wind and allow pigeons to come by me towards the rotary. They came in groups of twenty and I had several doubles and one failed attempt at a treble and in an hour and a bit I shot twenty one pigeons and a magpie. 20211214_112917.jpg.6ca0e5048767f54b1649140c512c10a6.jpg

Pictures Magpie..jpg

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Nice when it comes together.  Well done

Only had one triple in my life and that was when I had an American friend staying. He jumped out of the ditch he was in and was bouncing about as if he had done it.  " A triple a triple a triple "  he was shouting.  I assume it must be rare in the US as well.  He still reminds me about it on his Christmas cards each year.

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4 hours ago, JDog said:

I killed the first two and hammered the third but despite the best efforts of Barney I couldn't find it.

That is a shame , nearly as bad as shooting a right and left at Woodcock and can only find one after knowing the first one came down after you took your eye off it to line up the second one.

Your time will come and it will be like waiting for a number six bus , you wait ages then two come along more or less behind each other :good:  

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