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Another quicky!


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Out again today between 10.30 and 12.00.

The wind wasn't ideal and I had to back myself into the sycamore tree to get some shade. 

Shot fifteen pigeons.

An amusing incident. I parked my vehicle just into the field off the road. I tramped 200m to my hide position and dumped my kit and turned round to see a Police man inspecting my car. That is the sort of scrutiny a fourteen year old Renault Clio gets in the20211215_113406.jpg.becac2c4e154bc7a5a8bf49fd9000629.jpg20211215_122804.jpg.bc7135eede6e8741f8b0c89b585e2ee9.jpg countryside.

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You get good value for your money by having a quickie that last for a hour and a half :good:, I can't ever recall a policeman looking around my motor , although my wife did get a phone call one day when a member of the public reported my car being abandoned in the middle of the marshes , she thanked them for getting in touch and told them he would know exactly where he left it and could well be stuck.:lol: 

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