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Not in my limited experience, the Browning 325 and Beretta 682 I once owned, were totally incompatible, from memory. 
I also can’t see why one gun manufacturer would create aftermarket chokes  for the competition, unless they weren’t bothered about that gun manufacturing competitor doing likewise with their aftermarket chokes. 
That’s what Teague, Briley etc do. 
Saying that, Winchester Winchokes perfectly fit the S&W pump I own. 🤷‍♂️

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As a matter of interest, the beretta choke key fits investor plus chokes and much cheaper to buy. 

But back to chokes. It's not only the thread but the bore is more important I would have thought. There are various different types of chokes for browning , invector, invector plus etc etc. Likewise beretta have different choke ranges. So even if you could find a combination to cross match. You may have a lip or ridge where the choke merges with the barrel. This could cause serious damage.

I am no expert and sure others know more. However swapping them is something I would never try

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12 hours ago, Karl1972 said:

My friend has the DT11 I have the browning 725 and he’s got some spare chokes that look similar to the ones I’ve got ,but the chokes from the DT11 has more threads on the chokes than the ones for the browning 

If you put either of the types of choke in the other gun you will almost certainly spoil the chokes and more importantly the threads in the gun.

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