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New lady in my life


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15 minutes ago, Rob85 said:

Say hello to the new lady in my life!

when a litter comes along at the right time, right price and can double up as the best family Christmas present ever....this wee mite is the result.

Say hello to Bailey, 9 week old black Labrador bitch. 


Brilliant, may you have many happy times together, Merry Christmas👍

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11 minutes ago, Walker570 said:

I believe it was the American author Gene Hill, who wrote  "They say you can't buy happiness but they forgot little puppies"

Its so hard to be unhappy with a puppy no matter what they do. Even though I had to sleep on the living room floor last night so she didn't howl the house down and spoil the surprise 😆 

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42 minutes ago, Walker570 said:

Cracking picture and I can read Walters mind..."Do I really have to do this?"

😀 Me eating crisps always gets their attention! We have renamed Walter ‘biscuits’. He is supposed to be deaf, and uses it as an excuse to ignore us, but shout ‘biscuits’ and he trots towards us like a prancing Gazelle! 

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A bit of youthful stupidity got the better of her today, don't want her jumping just yet and she managed to get away down the garden and launched herself off the patio like a header. Its only 2 feet but I just don't want to be testing those little joints yet. Shes loving life right now


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